Social Responsibility

Universal Consulting Partners Inc

UCP is committed to make a difference and a lasting impact even beyond the business community. We consider it as our responsibility to invest in the society to bring a positive difference to the society today, which would in effect result in a better future tomorrow. We believe that the best way to contribute to the society would be by putting our skills and thought leadership for the benefit of the community. Our social responsibility efforts are directed towards various activities, from being carbon neutral, to providing pro-bono consulting to non-profit organizations, financial support to charitable organizations and building our thought leadership for some of the most pressing issues impacting the society.

Environmental Responsibility

UCP has partnered with organization those promote green initiatives. Currently, UCP is partnered with multiple Data center and Application Hosting Partners who have certified green facilities. Our Enterprise Content Management Services and Paperless Work Processes practice is geared towards ensuring the reduction of paper and associated environmentally hazards products such as electronic batteries, ink, and plastic.

Pro Bono Work

The most meaningful contribution that we can make to the society would be the one that leverages our skills and thought leadership. We support various non-profit organizations with free consultancy services to assist them in dealing with the strategic and operational challenges they face. Following are few examples of the pro-bono work that we have done:

Financial Support

UC financially supports non-profit organizations/funds committed for a cause that we also associate with. Financial support is clearly crucial for sustaining these organizations and the efforts endeavoured by them towards the cause they support.

    Core Values

    Integrity in everything we do, everyone of us and everyday of our work.



    Diverse , Dynamic and Dedicated leadership with decades of hands on experience in BPR ( Business Process-Re Engineering )